CLOUVEO Review - AVOID like the plague! Unprofessional, no transparency, dishonest

CLOUVEO Review – AVOID like the plague! Unprofessional, no transparency, dishonest

This is related to the downtime I posted

First I want to say I have used many hosts in the past and no one, no one ever acted this unprofessional with NO transparency. All my past hosts I appreciate you all even during the rare down times you never made it this frustrating and difficult to deal with the situation.
I left them because of the prices of cpanel and I chose Clouveo because of the same. Now I know you get what you pay for and i moved on to another host a bit higher in price but hopefully no head aches like this one.

On to my review….

I’m writing this extensive CLOUVEO review after I finally got the rest of my files from their server that was down for 4 days.
I bought a reseller from this joke of a host last May. Everything was good when it was working.
However I think the true test of a provider is how they handle disasters like a major outage like this one. Sad to say this joke of a host CLOUVEO failed so hard.

Around 15:30 UTC-4 of August 1 2021 I was notified by my uptime monitor that some sites were down
I was away from my computer during this time.
I did not mind this too much because I know false positives happen and usually I get another notice that its back up soon.
This time, I did not receive an immediate notice of UP status. When I got back to my computer 6 hours after the notice, I sent a ticket to CLOUVEO.
No response for many hours while my customers are already getting mad at me. I cannot explain to them what’s happening because I have no idea.
I only told them I am trying to work with my own provider to see what the problem is and to fix it.

10 hours after my ticket the support agent finally responded.
CLOUVEO: “We’re aiming to have all services restored by end of day. “

So at this point I asked them if their back ups server is also down. They said no its online and I said please give me the backup files of all my accounts because my current copies of backups are not the very latest. They are several days old.
CLOUVEO: “No, our backup server is still online and functional. Please confirm the accounts you’re requiring backups for.”

I give them my list of accounts. 2 hours later I ask them for the ETA of backups at least. Since they cannot give the ETA of server restoration I need to know at least the ETA of backups “What is your ETA on the backups?? surely this is something you can provide?”
CLOUVEO: “I’ve already told you we can provide them, but you’re going to have to wait. We have a few more pressing issues to resolve first before turning our attention away.”

Excuse me?? What the heck is this reply? It really ticked me off. A simple question about the ETA, my first time asking about backup ETA, and he responds in such a manner!! Where is the professionalism?
Now I am feeling frustration and also some unprofessional vibes from this ”company”.

Another 10 hours pass and service is still down. Now they renege on their commitment to give me the backups from the first day.
CLOUVEO: “At this time the priority is restoring access to services which will be today, expected within the next couple of hours. Providing backups at this moment in time is not a priority as access to services will be restored shortly.”

Okay ”next couple of hours” then I can wait. 3 hours later, no update, so I asked them what is the status?
At this point its 2 days of downtime and counting.
And again it took him another 10 hours to reply.
CLOUVEO: “We are currently expecting to restore access in the morning, we apologise for any inconvenience caused and appropriate SLA will be issued.”

So another delay, now they are saying “morning” okay fine!!
While this is happening i already moved some clients to another host. Good so far but I still need some other client sites from the CLOUVEO server.
I had my own backups but were a few days old so I wanted the most recent copy of the files because some customers made changes to their sites and did not want to lose the progress.

I ask for another update the next day, this is 12:00 PM UK time which is their time zone.
Still server down, no update until 4 hours later.
CLOUVEO: “The last update I had from our datacentre team was that they was performing disk checks before bringing the server back online again.”

Seriously, by this time I am thinking I am being taken for a ride by this amateur ‘company’.
Again I ask for an ETA and also what about the backups at this point? By the way after several days I still dont know the real reason why the server is down. They never said it in the ticket.
SO the answer to me after 3 hours
CLOUVEO: “Backups are stored in a remote location and can be accessed by us whether the server is offline or not. The complexity of providing individual backups means that currently this is not a viable option while we can bring the server back online, we simply have to wait for the FSCK and appropriate repairs to take place, this is quicker than providing backups. Please note per our TOS our backups are for our own disaster recovery purposes and in this case, we do not currently need to activate disaster recovery as we believe data is safe and in tact.”

At this point i am very confused. First they agree to give me my backups after I give them the list of cpanel accounts.
Then they decide its not important to do it, instead they want to focus on restoring the service but they fail in 3+ days
Now its apparent to me they want to stay busy staring at their monitor while fsck is performed and refuse to give the customers their files thru the backups or even get the service back online in another server by using their backups that supposedly exist.
He had 3 days of downtime and not once did he think ‘maybe I should use the backups’ – what a genius!
Im not an expert in this but in the past my provider in the past this is what they did. Old server went offline but they moved us to a new server with new IP address and so forth within a few hours only.
Surely if you have backups you can put those backups on another server right? Or at least give us access to them? Its the purpose of backups!

Now I ask him again for the ETA and status of whatever he is doing.
I also told him that earlier in the ticket they said they will give me the backups then they renege on this statement?
CLOUVEO: “Once again the backups included are for our Disaster Recovery purposes and at this time, our attention and focus remains on restoring service and ultimately now working through the tickets that we have to continue to provide timely continuous updates”

For disaster recovery purposes??? Is this not a DISASTER? Over 4 full days of being DOWN is not a disaster for you? What is a disaster then? Maybe 1 month of down time can be considered a disaster for this clown?!
Continue to provide timely continuous updates? Are you joking?! The first ever update about the outage was made 16 hours after the server went down.
SO VERY TIMELY! It also contained A LOT OF INFORMATION! I absolutely understood immediately why the server went down and what steps were being taken to bring it back up!! back ups server

Succeeding updates were made after HOURS upon HOURS of waiting and many of the updates contained false promises.
“by end of day” – did not happen
“next couple hours” – did not happen
“in the morning” – did not happen

CLOUVEO: “RFO will be made available once we have been able to close the incident down and review fully. At this time we have asked remote hands to step in and resolve ongoing hardware issues with the server, we are awaiting to hear back from them on an ETA for when this will be completed.”
Maybe he is very busy staring at his terminal watching his fsck process and talking to their ‘remote hands’ on the phone?
This is the reason why he is very slow in giving updates and why he cant even give details?
I dont even need a full report I just need the truth. Something concrete just some kind of information I can relay to my customers also!
Imagine waiting many hours, sometimes over 10 hours to get the kind of replies I got.
I wonder what this man is really doing?

Another 7 hours pass and my customers who dont have their latest files are furious now. I have no excuse and I tell them it’s sadly out of my control. It’s 4 days of downtime and counting at this point.
I apologize to my own customers for not having the latest backups and again offer them the stale backups which I know they will refuse again. Hey at least I am being honest to MY customers unlike some clown we all know!

The server finally went back up after over 80 hours of continuous downtime.
I got the rest of my files and already had them restored by my new host.
For 4 days I was so stressed because several of my customers wanted their latest copies of their sites and I couldn’t give them.
CLOUVEO guess what I dont care about your RFO because all that mattered was passing info to the customers WHEN THEIR WEBSITES WERE DOWN.

To all readers you be the judge. This is no where near “RELIABLE HOSTING” that they have in bold letters on their home page!

I understand outages happen to any provider. Ive dealt with some outages in the past with my other hosts.
The difference with this joke of a host is he does not have the brains nor skills to handle such an outage.
Very unprofessional. No transparency. Slow communication and dishonest about the situation.
Again, this ”company” does not have the capacity to handle service impacting events!! Probably because this is a part time business for him and hosting is the least of his priorities!

GOOD BYE CLOUVEO aka WebSound. I hope no more people choose your ‘company’ managed by total amateurs.

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