Choosing between Shock Hosting, BigScoots and HostXNow

Choosing between Shock Hosting, BigScoots and HostXNow

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I shortlisted the possible hosting providers to Shock Hosting, BigScoots and HostXNow.

While based either in the US or Europe, it seems that all 3 are supported by staff in India. Interestingly BigScoots advertises “U.S. based, personable, hands-on management that’s always available.”

– Is this common practice? I am assuming yes and I can only guess that it’s to keep costs low to provide 24/7/365 support. If yes, what impact if any is there to support? To be clear, this isn’t to suggest that support outside of the US and EU is better or worse. For example, is language or context more challenging? Does it take more time to resolve issues?
– How reliable and trustworthy are Shock Hosting, BigScoots and HostXNow?
– How do the compare in terms of hosting performance?
– How involved are the owners from all 3 organizations?
– How stable e.g. financially are all 3 organizations?
– Has anyone had negative experiences with either of the 3 organizations? If yes, how were these handled?
– What are the good things about either that isn’t marketing speak?
– Is any reason not to go with either?
– Does one standout more than the other and if yes how?
– Are there any gotchas?

Thanks for the consideration!

I’m not personally familiar with shock hosting or HostX, but WHT historically has always been a pretty solid judge of quality so if you’re seeing positive remarks about the hosts you’re considering, I’m sure all would do a good job for you.

To address the few business questions that can’t be answered by the community….

– We have staff in 11 countries. Humans don’t do their best work on a over night schedule, we’ve learned that over 12 years, as such, we require staffing from all different time zones for proper quality coverage. That said, the few folks we do have from India we didn’t set out to find them, they actually found us – in fact, we pay “Western” wages to all our staff members, regardless of their personal location. They are exceptional support staff and their personal location has zero influence on their capabilities, and it is their capabilities that makes them a great team member of BigScoots, not their location (although a plus for time zone coverage).

– Our owners, who are myself and Justin, have been working on average 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week for 12 years, I would say we’re *very* involved.

– Financially, we’ve owned and operated every piece of gear we’ve ever deployed (which includes all network, power and server infrastructure), taken on zero debt, zero investors, and 100% bootstrapped originally 12+ years ago right here on WHT, from a little old’ reseller account. Any host that has been around as long as we have (looks like HostX was from the good old’ days as well), is going to be financially stable — the “gotchas” you speak of, would have gotten us all long ago if we weren’t stable in our business models.

Best of luck, I think you’ll be happy with any choice you make.

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