Can AI Help Marketers Meet Rising Content Demand?

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Recently, I spoke with a CMO whose brand had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in an experience optimization platform that his team is struggling to use. 

Why? Because, at the end of the day, his team is responsible for creating the entire library of personalized, modularized content that the platform needs available to do its job. Imagine every piece of content across their digital journey has to be tailored for at least six different audience personas that the technology is programmed to recognize. And that content creation needs to be maintained continuously.

That’s not to say their effort and others like it are foolhardy, far from it. His brand has embraced a reality that all marketers now face: buyers expect best-in-class digital experiences that make it easy to instantly get the specific information they need through the format(s) and channel(s) they prefer.

The truth is, traditional methods of creating content don’t scale to meet the volume, speed, and budget requirements needed to deliver today’s version of an optimal customer experience. Unfortunately, this fact is forcing marketers to make compromises they know won’t serve the business: sacrifice content quality, scale back content production and—therefore—results, or ramp up spending on resources and cut into profit margins. 

As a result, brand marketers are stuck in a content creation paradox. An explosion of digital channels (social platforms, email, digital hubs, streaming media, etc.), and the demand for relevance and personalization across those channels, have made it virtually impossible for marketing teams to keep up with content demand—even with the support of advanced distribution technology. 

Something has to give. 

At Skyword, we set out to solve this challenge with Artificial Intelligence (AI). After…


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