Best Python IDEs for Ubuntu and Other Linux Distros

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Whether a coder or not, you must have heard about Python Programming language in some capacity. Python is used extensively in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, some of the most popular buzzwords in computing.

Being a popular programming language, you may already know or be interested in learning it.

When someone learns a programming language, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) comes in handy. It makes programming easy while giving you access to multiple utilities in a few clicks.

Specifically, it provides features like Syntax Highlighting, Debugging, etc., in one place.

If you are learning Python and want to use an IDE to test things, I have compiled a list of them to help you.

Note: There are many other IDEs available for Python, which you won’t find here. They work with Python2 only (which has been deprecated). Hence, we have omitted such options.

1. Eric

Eric is an open-source editor based on the Qt6 toolkit and is written in Python itself.

Eric boasts a ton of features for Python and is a proper IDE. It supports downloadable plugins, which can further extend its capabilities.

It also has an Integrated Python debugger, Interactive Python shell, and Integrated support for Python Package Management (pip), to name a few of the many features it provides.

Go check out the extensive list of its features on its official website.

2. Geany

Geany is an open source IDE based on the GTK3 toolkit, which is small and lightweight.

Being a lightweight application, it runs perfectly fine on every type of Linux distro no matter the desktop environment. It supports many programming languages, including Python. It also supports some plugins to extend its capabilities.

Not to forget, Geany is almost one of the best Notepad++ alternatives for Linux.

3. PyCharm

PyCharm is one of the most popular and advanced Python IDEs developed by JetBrains.

JetBrains is the organization behind some of the best IDEs like Android Studio and the programming language…


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