AZ Big Media The 17 best small business marketing tools to try in 2023

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“What are the best marketing tools your small business used this year? & Why should others adopt them in 2023?”

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Email Marketing
Google Ads
Survey Sparrow 
Grammarly Premium 
Google Analytics 
Surfer SEO


The Best Small Business Marketing Tools to Try in 2023



BuzzSumo has become an indispensable research tool for effective marketing understanding and real-time trends. Research is important, but often time-consuming and draining. 

BuzzSumo consolidates your research effort by starting you out with easy-to-understand trends and data to help direct your focus. When businesses use BuzzSumo to aid their research, they spend less time aimlessly searching and more time digesting relevant data to their queries.

Michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT



We had been looking for different link-building options to maximize the authority and strength of our website over the last few years. We tried HARO, but the questions related to our field were far and few between. So instead, we hired a link-building service that had small degrees of success, but it wasn’t until we signed up for Terkel that we found a ton of success in link-building. 

The questions on the platform apply to marketing and other departments in which we have expertise. With a premium plan, all the questions are sortable by “No Follow” or “Do Follow,” and it tells you the Domain Rating of each website. 

There’s also a “track my answers” feature that shows where your answers are in the process of being vetted to published. I highly recommend businesses looking to increase their SEO and web authority use Terkel. The customer service is great too as they share tips on how to improve our performance on Terkel.



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