4 Things To Look At Besides Just Your Keyword Rankings

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When you’re trying to gain more brand visibility online, your content strategy might focus on choosing the right keywords. After all, your website and digital content must have the phrases your audience is searching for so they can find them. However, content marketing strategies that drive long-term results need to look at more than keyword rankings.

That’s because recent algorithm changes mean that search engines are also moving beyond just keywords. While keyword rankings can help with search engine optimization and brand visibility, algorithms are becoming more focused on user experiences. As a result, paying attention to technical details, search intent and audience feedback or inputs can make a big difference. When it’s time to boost your brand’s online authority, here are four things to consider.

1. Delivering Unique and Insightful Content

Content is what gets people to notice your brand. But videos, blog posts or articles that don’t add unique value or insight for your audiences won’t gain much traction. People crave information beyond general tips or data they’ve seen in other places. As a business and brand, there are probably insights you can deliver that no one else can.

It’s best to think of content as part of your company’s fingerprint. Content, whether it’s part of a growth marketing strategy or post-purchase support (product guides, how-to videos, etc.), should accomplish a few things. It should fully satisfy your audience’s search intent or need for answers. Yet content should also serve as an original resource and communicate your brand’s identity.

First-party data and case studies are examples of content that can contain unique industry knowledge. Perhaps your company does regular research on in-demand topics you can repurpose into shareable content. Or maybe your solutions helped several clients innovate and reach stretch goals. Materials highlighting how customers did…


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