3 simple steps to automating content creation for businesses

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All parties involved in the content creation process know just how much time, effort and financial resources go into it. Writing a piece of content with a chance of ranking at the top of the search results takes up a good chunk of those resources. As companies grow and develop, the resources available for projects (especially time) can diminish.

In this article, we will discuss how to leverage content research and automation tools to cut corners and preserve valuable resources. Take advantage of these tips and tricks to create quality content that both Google and people will love.

What is content automation, and why do you need it?

Content marketing automation involves identifying repetitive content marketing tasks and then using relevant tools to automate those tasks.

Think about it. If your content automation software is doing all the heavy lifting, SEOs will no longer have to waste hours of their time each week writing out detailed content briefs for content creators. Instead, your copywriters can skip the SEO learning curve and focus on crafting compelling sentences to create even more compelling content. 

With automation software, your SEO and content teams can save time, cut costs, make smarter decisions, and focus on crafting marketing strategies that really make a difference.

From doing research to creating content and optimizing it, content automation tools can improve your productivity across the entire content life cycle.

Creating content is a process that includes some indispensable steps, namely:

Determining the article topicCreating a content briefWriting an optimized article copy

Performing these tasks manually would take up a lot of the SEO and content teams’ time. Luckily, content research and automation tools help you cover and fast-track your entire content creation journey—all in one place.

There is a range of content tools on the market, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll…


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