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We’ve witnessed some interesting technological transformations over the past decade. From tech being the forte of engineers and scientists it has now become the interest and passion of the larger “non-technical” audiences.

Be it communication, commerce, science, entertainment, sports space or art, technology has cut through the clutter of doubts and impossibilities and carved a special niche for itself in our lives. One such technological marvel is the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Widely regarded as one of the most successful ML frameworks created in the deep learning space, Generative AI presents a creative bent of intelligence with its ability to generate new content – images, videos, text, code, and more. Users are able to generate fascinating content on the tap of a button without the need for coding knowledge or expertise. How’s that possible? Generative AI works on the back of three prominent frameworks;

(i) Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN),
(ii) Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) and
(iii) Variational Auto-Encoders.

These frameworks help the AI to gather consensual data, process this large chunk of data and identify peculiar patterns by grouping them into different buckets. This data helps the AI to produce quality and realistic content that can be used across platforms and collateral for achieving the business objectives.

For example, by feeding AI with essential data of the animals, it can classify how a dog and cat looks and accordingly produces immersive results. Generator Modeling too plays a crucial role in developing realistic images, videos, and content.

However, Generative AI’s self-evolving ecosystems are either supervised or semi-supervised depending on the AI framework and modeling used to deliver relevant results.

Needless to mention that the potential of Generative AI can be explored and leveraged across industries, more specifically in marketing as a…


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