20+ Graphic Design Statistics That You Should Know Now

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Graphic design is the essence of visual representation.

Business cards, billboards, brands – every facet of business incorporates some form of graphic design. 

Creating successful graphic designs is a crucial skill for advertisers, designers, and business owners. Nowadays, the easy availability of vector graphics software has made it easy to create your own design. Statistics related to graphic design show that this inventive craft is increasingly essential to the success of today’s enterprises.

The industry and careers

The field of graphic design has evolved but shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses compete to get the best graphic designs for marketing, advertising, and web designing. After all, visual impression matters, doesn’t it? Some exciting statistics show the demand for the graphic design industry and graphic designers.

The global market size of design services is projected to grow to $249.5 billion by 2022 from the $153 billion it touched in 2018.
The global graphic designers’ industry market size, with its current evaluation at $43.4 billion, is expecting an imminent boom of about 3.7%in 2022.
As of 2021, the global market for graphic design has shot up to $45.8 billion.
The average salary for a visual designer spans around $53,380 per year.
More than 60% of graphic designers are women.


of graphic designers prefer working freelance.

Source: IBISWorld

The highest earners in the graphic design industry are User Experience Directors.
Approximately 65% of graphic designers have a bachelor’s degree.

Design in content marketing and web design

Marketers, advertisers, content creators, business owners: everybody wants a good graphic designer. Visuals are imperative in today’s digital world, be it a website or a social media post. Take a look at the following statistics to understand how vital graphic designers are for marketing and web design.



of businesses reported using graphic design in various formats

Source: Piktochart

Around 51%…..

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