10 Best Packaging Design Trends for 2023

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The packaging design trends for 2023 reflect a mixed bag of reactions to the current state of affairs: rising inflation, global wars and the climate crisis. From cutesy escapism to nostalgia, design aesthetics for packaging depict optimism and enthusiasm with lots of bright colors and fun imagery, as well as leaning on comfort in the familiar.

And while there’s a wide variety of tastes, one thing for sure is that these packaging design trends are shaping up to be a playful, bright and fun bunch.

10 best packaging design trends for 2023

Illustrated ingredients in punchy palettes
Tactile texture
Wrap-around patterns
Typographic scrawl
Mascot variations that tie products together
Ecstatic colors
Cartoon charm
Product visuals with a creative twist
Sticker book aesthetic
70s vintage

1. Illustrated ingredients in punchy palettes

Reflecting the greater cultural appreciation of transparency, especially when it comes to what we put in our bodies, one of our favorite packaging design trends of 2023 is decorating packaging with ingredients that are illustrated in a bright and fun style. Not only does it get the attention of people who want to know the ingredients in the product, but it can also differentiate which flavor or variation a particular product is.

By gianni88

The visuals in this trend lean toward the cartoonish and youthful as a means to bring back childhood memories and give a wholesome energy. The illustrated ingredients rely on fresh, juicy pops of colors and less refined art styles, such as doodles, to make the product on the packaging more appealing and fun.

By amris

This bold, colorful trend not only helps brands stand out amongst competitors but is also a quick signifier of what the product is to a consumer. Two key goals of any packaging design.

– Imogen Hill, Senior Art Director at 99designs by Vista

By Pepper Pack Design

2. Tactile texture

As brands look for…


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